Yves Salomon

Digital Footrint

Onsite Analysis | www.yves-salomon.com

  • Estimated mo/ Visits: 19.4K

  • Avg Time on Site: 2mins 02 sec

  • Avg Page Views: 4.70

  • Bounce Rate: 34.71%

Traffic Sources: 78% Organic Search, 3% Social, 1% Email

  • Geography: 23% US, 22% FR, 15% UK, 6% CH, 6% CA

  • Referring Sites: Shopstyle.com

  • Top Destinations: Instagram

  • Key Search Terms: Yves salomon, Fur fashion, Blouson lapin réversible homme, Yves salomon army, Yves salomon femme

  • Social Referrals: Reddit (55%), LinkedIn (27%), Instagram (14%), Pinterest (4%)

  • Similar sites searched: pallascuir.com

Site Pixels: Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, DoubleClick, GTM

  • Onsite SEO score: Strong

  • Technical SEO score: Strong

  • Site Load Time: Strong

  • Overall UX score 9/10

Offsite SEO Analysis | www.yves-salomon.com

  • Total Backlinks 8,722 (56% dofollow)

  • Referring Domains: 3,21 (79% dofollow)

  • Top Backlinks: britishfur.co.uk, marieclaire.com, departures.com, bonnegueule.fr, Elle.com, ciff.dk, forbes.com

  • Domain Rating 36/100 (no sitemap submitted to google search console?)

Insagram Analysis |@yves_salomon

  • Media Uploads: 526

  • Followers: 74,670

  • following: 380

  • Engagement Rate: 0.51%

  • Avg Like per post: 374

  • Avg Comments: 3.92

Current Eco System

From our analysis of the brand and we can start identifying how customers interact with the brand digitally. Today we believe there is a strong Pull strategy in place, where consumers are interacting with the brand in retail outlets & gaining awareness through the earnt & Paid media, then taking action to dig further into the brand. Today 78% of Traffic is through organic search.

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The Refreshment Club Approach

Cut Through Creative | 360 Holistic communication

  • Above the line (traditional OOH Advertising film/print/outdoor)

  • Below the line

  • Product comms.

  • Digital mediums ( FB, Instagram, email campaigns, instagram curation, stories)

  • Collaborations

  • Stunts

  • Activations

  • Merchandising

We develop and execute ideas that increase brand recall, strengthen brand equity resulting in brand loyal customers.


Obsessive Media Optimization | Data Driven Results

We leverage the latest content formats & media channels to implement our multi touchpoint nurture programs.

With always the same goal, convert potential customers to loyal consumers.

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Live Reporting | Digital media platforms

Our clients all have their own custom digital dashboard where they can see the effectiveness and the channels their campaigns have been implemented online. 

We believe that a transparent approach is aways the most effective.

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Instagram  Swipe up Stories example

Instagram Swipe up Stories example