Firstly a little about our name

When you’re your most refreshed that’s when you shine. We believe that this also applies to brands & that’s our approach for each of our clients.

Heimstone | Branding/Packaging

We have a holistic approach to your brand, not just your communication.

From brand communication & strategies to less glossy services like business performance analysis, forecasting & tech stacks,  our team develops and implements the required strategies to ensure that our clients stay relevant to their consumers & a threat to their competitors.

Found Beverage Company X American Eagle Collaboration | ‘Making of the Bottle’

Our Approach


Business Insights + Cut through ideas.

Our only measure of success is effectiveness.

Breville USA | How do you Breville? Campaign



Creating Demand Through Desire

Brand Strategy

The compelling communication and positioning of your brand. The Reason why your consumer will choose your brand & not your competitors.

Brand Tagline | Brand Manifesto

Brand Image

The look, feel and tone of the brand developed for all consumer & B2B touch points.

Identity design | product design| product packaging | website | social platforms|

Brand Executions

From high-level emotional brand messaging to direct response product sales comms. we develop and execute campaigns to get the desired engagement from your consumers at that particular time.

The Big Idea | Digital campaigns | Earnt media campaigns | Stunts | Activations | Collaborations | Ambassador/Influencer campaigns | Topical/Occasional campaigns | Product innovation | Sales Strategies | Product launch campaigns.

Content Creation

Still | film | Gif | Cinema-graphs | Copywriting | Art direction | Blog Article writing | EDM development | Social curation

Converting Demand Through Nurture


Shopify theme optimization/development | Visual & strategic user experience optimization; Home, Brand, collections, products, shipping & returns pages | Payment gateways & conversion technology implementation | Customer journey strategy and implementation

Email Marketing platform

Email Communications Strategy | Flow campaigns & topical brand/product sends | Email acquisition strategy | Setup & implementation of email platform

Social Media Strategy

Strategy and planning for key social networks | Establish ideal timing and frequency of content deployment. | Follower acquisition strategy | Social-Commerce strategy & Implementation


Off-Page SEO strategy (PR & back linking strategy) | On-page technical SEO (correct implementation of tags, meta tags and descriptions to maximize organic reach)

 Paid Media

Setup and management of paid media accounts | Implementation Instagram, Facebook and Google Ads | Offline implementation through OOH & DM channels.


Business Dashboard & Reporting

With our IP business intelligence reporting we exhaust your data and digital business performance to identify pain point points and areas of opportunity. We then provide you with our findings and strategical recommendations to increase brand engagement & sales.

Project Spotlights



The 100k Initiative

Heimstone X Labote

Three Seven