#the100kinitiative for Found Beverage Company

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Campaign overview | 100,000 marine mammals are killed from plastic pollution each year. - UNESCO. Single use plastic bottles are becoming the biggest polluters of waterways. Our idea was to make the Found’s sustainable glass bottles a vehicle for people to raise awareness about this horrific fact. We developed #The100kInitiative; 100,000 sustainable bottles, to commemorate 100k marine mammals.

Results | The bottles became a voice for all marine mammals, Thousands of people & corporations Raised a Glass to Raise Awareness to #breakfreefromplastic, The campaign was covered on top media outlets in USA & Europe, with the support of Top surfers, celebrities & Ocean Conservationists. Swimwear brand Les girls Les Boys, joined to campaign along with RXR realty in New York City, an art installation designed by Amit Greenberg to highlight the impacts of plastics. On social media - the hashtag was used in over 320 posts and thousands of stories. view the campaign at www.the100kinitiative.org & @the100kinitiative

Social Impressions: 12,890,056 | Earnt Media Reach: 46,760,450 | Sales: 67,500 units

The Campaign overview Film | “Raise a Glass to Raise Awarensss”

The Making of the bottles | We partnered with globally acclaimed artist This.is.Amit to design The limited edition bottle labels & the profits from the sales supported Oceana’s (the world’s largest ocean conservation group) efforts to limit single use plastics.

The Bottles.


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