Dates and times relate to the 2018 edition of The Refreshment Cruise


Where do we fly to?

Bodrum is serviced by Milas Bodrum Airport (BJV) and is located about 45 minutes from Bodrum town. There are more than 30 daily flights to Bodrum from Istanbul's two airports and some airlines operate direct flights from European cities.

When should we arrive in Bodrum?

It’s a good idea to arrive in Bodrum on the 3rd of August but you should be ready for your pickup no later than noon on the 4th to make sure you don't miss out on anything. If you are not in Bodrum by 16:00 on the 4th you will miss the boat. The cruise will end on the morning of the 11th in the port of Bodrum.

Are the dates flexible?

The dates are not flexible, with our meteorologists we have predicted the best week for the perfect sailing conditions and the right amount of sun during the day and starlight at night.

What do we need to bring?

Life onboard The Refreshment Cruise is pretty chilled so you don't really need much other than your swim suit, sunglasses and some sunscreen. Bring your snorkelling stuff, your GoPro and some water shoes to be best prepared for those exploratory outings.

I'm a picky eater. Can chef handle me?

Chef is the main man and will sort you out. Just let him know that you only eat yellow tomatoes or don't like runny eggs and he will fix it. If you have any specific dietary requests please let us know in advance and we will do our best to provide your chef with the right ingredients.

Will I be able to make my friends jealous on social media?

Yep, WiFi is available on all the yachts and our route has good cellphone coverage so you can expect to be busy on Instagram.

Someone had to cancel. Can someone else come instead?

Yes, as long as you share with us the correct information for everyone that will be on your yacht you can make changes up to a week before the cruise. We are not able to make refunds. 

Will we be seeing our friends on other yachts?

All the yachts in this years cruise will be sailing on the same route and on the same dates so you will have plenty of opportunity to mingle with people from other boats. You can jump in and swim over to your mates' boat when we drop anchor in a secluded bay or you can ask your crew to shuttle you over with the dinghy to the neighbouring boat for the evening to join a yoga session or a game of poker. Anytime we step onto land to explore a fishing village or a historic site is also an opportunity to tell your mate how much you missed them since this morning. 

We will book a whole yacht and want to keep to ourselves. Is that cool? 

Sure. You will still sail on the same general route but you can always drop anchor in the neighbouring cove for a more secluded lunch or do your own thing at night one bay over. 

Can we have a yacht to ourselves even if we do not fill all the cabins?

If you cover the cost, you can. Each cabin and yacht is priced based on full occupancy. If you and your friends want to have the yacht to yourselves without filling all the cabins, you must also cover the cost of the empty cabins. 

Can I have a cabin to myself?

Yes you can but you will still have to pay the full price of double occupancy.

Can we bring the kids?

The Refreshment Cruise is a 21+ cruise, so unfortunately no.

What are the safety measures on the boat?

All our yachts have been inspected by the harbour master and comply with standard safety measures. Each yacht has life vests for all passenger, a life raft, fire extinguishers, communication and signalling equipment and a first aid kit. Your captain is also trained in first aid. 

Do I need insurance?

Insurance is always a good idea. Your travel insurance should have you covered. 

Does the crew speak English?

You will have an all Turkish crew and although most of them do not speak the Queen's English they all have plenty of experience catering to foreign guests and communication is generally never an issue. Representatives from The Refreshment Club will be accompanying you onboard one of the yachts during the entire week and will be checking in on you regularly to make sure all your needs are being taken care of. 

Will we be doing any actual sailing?

Gulets do have masts and sails but they are not primarily designed to be sailing yachts so most of the cruising will be done by engine. If conditions permit, the captain will hoist the sails so that you can enjoy the sound of nothing but the wind, waves and creaking of the mast. 

What sea conditions can we expect?

Together with our captains we have planned a route that mostly hugs the coast in some of the calmest waters in the area ensuring that you can enjoy your cocktail even while cruising. All our gulet yachts are over 30 meters and are very heavy and sturdy vessels which means that with usual conditions in August you can expect a smooth ride.  

What about seasickness?

If even the slightest sway usually has you leaning over the side of the boat then perhaps a week on a boat is not the best way to spend your holiday... For those of you who are worried that some gentle rocking combined with the previous nights' cocktails may make you feel a little green, let your captain know and he will shower you with with his wealth of knowledge on how to combat seasickness. Each yacht also has seasickness tablets onboard.

Why do you need my passport info?

Before setting sail we need full names, passport numbers and DOBs for everyone onboard. This information is used to fill out official paperwork and is shared with the captain and the port authorities. The information you provide must match the passports of all passengers onboard.

How and when do I have to pay?

Check out all payment details in our T's & C's.

Further questions?

Send us a message and we promise to get back to you.